Therapist Committee

The Vision Therapy Canada (VTC) Therapist Committee is delighted to represent the Canadian Therapist Membership within VTC. Below please find some information on the Therapist Committee Members and details on the programs that are currently running. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions or would like to volunteer.

Who we are

Our committee was founded in 2017 by three eager PVTAP graduates with the intentions to propel the therapist’s voice throughout our Vision Therapy Community. The role of the committee is to liaison and collaborate with the VTC board on matters of interest to Canadian Therapists. With the full support from the VTC Board of Directors, we set out on a journey to create opportunities for therapists to have a larger role, in not only the Practical Vision Therapists Accreditation Program (PVTAP), but also to fill certain niches that we believe Canadian Therapists can make a significant contribution to. The committee is involved in many ways with programs under the VTC umbrella such as the: PVTAP program, education planning and the AGM.  We are proud of our current initiatives which include: the Therapist Mentorship Program, the PVTAP Workshop Facilitator role and PVTAP Marking Committee, as well as Online Workshop facilitation. These programs highlight the skills and talents of Canadian vision therapists and provide opportunities to contribute to the association and growth in the field.


Current Programs and Positions

PVTAP Mentorship Program: We had the great pleasure of introducing the Mentorship Program to the therapist community in 2018. This is a great opportunity to foster relationships through the community and allow for 1:1 mentorship through PVTAP and your career! Email us for your mentorship pairing today!

PVTAP Workshop Facilitator: What could be better that sharing your knowledge with others who are just as excited as you are to help individuals through VT?! Being a workshop facilitator allows PVTAP graduates to help the next generation of new vision therapists - through activities and experiences in their own VT clinics - to understand big concepts that are imperative to Vision.

PVTAP Marking Committee: Working closely with the VTC Education committee, PVTAP graduates can participate in marking assignments during the PVTAP course and give feedback to augment the lessons of the curriculum.

Webinar Instructor: Hosting a presentation to share a novel idea or an interesting case report can have profound effect on another’s knowledge. PVTAP graduates are invited to share an experience or idea to facilitate continuing education amongst the VT community.

Volunteer Positions including roles for AGM organization and registration, Therapist Panel Discussion at AGM, and many more!

Meet your current committee members

Jennifer Braniff - Chairperson

Jennifer received her Master of Counselling Degree from University of Western Sydney in 1998.  Her experience working as a Psychotherapist and Youth Counsellor combined with successful completion of the OEP curriculum, Sanet, COVT and PVTAP, SON, LBM, NLP Master Practitioner programs and 10 years of experience as a Vision Therapist has enabled a unique perspective of the role of emotions and in the vision rehabilitation process. Jennifer has extensive experience with management of Optometric practices and has consulted on the opening of Vision Therapy Centers across Canada. In 2018, she was invited to speak at the International Congress of Behavioural Optometry in Sydney, Australia on the subject of the Therapeutic Relationship and Vision Therapy. She has also conducted Vision Therapy workshops through York University for Ontario Kindergarten Teachers and enjoyed speaking in the Philippines (Integrated Philippine Association of Optometrists) educating Optometrists interested in starting a practice in Vision therapy. Currently working on her second Master’s (MACP) she enjoys the parallels between the field of Psychology and Vision therapy. In her role as Chairperson of the VTC Therapists Committee she acts as a liaison between Vision Therapists and Behavioural Optometrists sharing ideas and helping to organize programs, educational events in locations across the country.    

Victoria Giampaolo - Vice Chairperson

Victoria has been working as a vision therapist since 2015. She loves being a part of such a dedicated, hard working community. She earned her H.B.Sc in Biology from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2008 as well a post graduate certificate in Clinical Research. She brings with her 5+ years of experience in the optometry field including pretesting, ocular imaging, frame selection, and contact lens training. With her training through the OEP and VTC foundations, and passion for working with children, she helps individuals with the opportunity to train and enhance their visual systems though specific activities tailored to their needs. She is currently working towards her therapist certification through COVD. She enjoys sitting on the therapist committee alongside some brilliant minds, eager to propel VT in Canada! In her downtime she enjoys playing soccer, hiking, camping and skiing and relaxing with family and friends.

Katrina Bashford - Secretary

Katrina has been working as a vision therapist since 2015, offering VT in both English and French. She has her H.B.Sc in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa. Prior to vision therapy she worked in the rehabilitation field for several years assisting in the physical treatment and rehabilitation programming of athletes, children and adults alike. In addition, Katrina was a respite worker for children diagnosed with various developmental, genetic and physical disabilities. She was drawn to vision therapy because it combined her passion of neuroscience and rehabilitation into one incredibly rewarding job! In August of 2017, she became a member of the inaugural body of Canadian vision therapists to receive certification from the VTC and in that same year joined the VTC Therapist Committee alongside her two incredibly talented and dedicated colleagues. When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son.

Are you interested in becoming a committee member? Do you have a unique idea or suggestion that you would like to become reality? Would you like to apply for a current position or dedicate your time to volunteer for a role?

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