How to Speed Up and Stabilize Visual Processing by Individually Designed Motion Training

with Jürgen R. Eichinger

October 3-4, 2020

Speaker Bio

Jürgen R. Eichinger

Studies in London and Berlin, with the following degrees:
State Licensed Optometrist SLO (Staatl. gepr. Augenoptiker) and
Master in Eye-Opticianry Mopt (Augenoptikermeister) in 1981.

Self-employed in own practice since 1985.

Emphasis on patients with phoria-linked problems (use of MCH, measurement and correction method after H.-J. Haase) and contact lens troubles. From 1990 onwards more ped-optometry with supraregional tribute.

Postgraduate education with Stefan Collier and others. Own manifold instructor-activities since 2002. Interdisciplinary linked with pediatrists, school psychologists, occupational therapists, logopedics, podiologists, kinesiologists, orthopedic specialists, dentists with orthodontia, pain therapists, audiologists and others, including alternative healers.

Optometry instructor, advisor and lecturer. Conferencier and/or translator at many optometry conferences.

BOAF President (Behavioral Optometry Academy Foundation)
BDAO President (Federal Association of German Eye-Opticians/Optometrists)
IVBS Board-Member (International Association for Binocular Vision)
Journal Review Board Member of Optometry & Visual Performance (OVP)

Functional Optometrist, FO (WVAO-A, SOE-A);
Behavioral Optometrist, BO (FBOAF, FSOE);
Syntonic Optometrist (FCSO, FEASO).

Hobbies: Family, All Professional Aspects, Communication (multilingual), Dancing, Reading.


Educational Info


"There is no orderly life without proper motion. Visual processing can show this impressively."

Showing very good results as well with typical deficits in processing because of binocular coordination delays (FD), or after TBI´s, or simply in the presence of asthenopic complaints, with postural deficits, aso, I think these motion exercises a MUST for behavioral optometrists offering VT.

No matter in which state of life your patient is, with movements of body and eyes - whose benefits and realisation in practise are easy to remember - I will present and teach combinations for daily use. Thus your patients will gain security and self-confidence in their abilities in a playful manner… The movements can individually be adjusted to the level of each patient´s state.

"Balancing the Visual System Via Individually Designed Motion Practices"
In this two day seminar we will explore the basic underlying components helping to rebuild the structure in the injured and/or unbalanced visual system and different Vision Disorders via explicitly designed motion exercises. This will lead to treatment plans looking at how your patient can boost visual processing as related to the overall rehabilitative process. Case examples and demonstrations will be used to make this a clinically driven lecture.

"Motion in Behavioral Optometry"
Saturday morning, before the main seminar starts in the afternoon, I will work with you on an ideal entrance to get started with Motion in BO and will provide a solid introduction into the Foundation, Principles & Basic Underlying Components of Motion in Behavioral Optometry (BO).

”Movement gives us a very effective tool"

CE HOURS: 13 Hours


Saturday October 19th, 2019: 9am to 6pm
Sunday   October 20th, 2019: 9am to 5pm

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