What background did you come from (totally new to VT or already had a wealth of information)?

I was formerly a senior member in a Corporate environment for 20+years, where I was responsible for leading teams to improve customer experience. I had no knowledge of Vision Therapy until I met Dr. B in 2014. In 2015, I decided to change careers as I was inspired by Dr. B’s mission to enhance the lives of individuals through improving their vision.

What did you love about the program?

I was fortunate enough to have enrolled into the last spot for PVTAP in 2017. I loved the “hands on workshops” and additional procedures/activities that we learned, which were very practical and applicable in the Vision Therapy room.

What did you leave with?

I left with a better understanding of how to develop an effective vision therapy program, along with the types of visual problems. Also, I’m more confident in working with patients, using many of the activities learned from the course.

Would you recommend it to others looking for VT training?

Absolutely! The presentation decks and procedures received from the course are excellent reference materials. Also, It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to have completed the PVTAP certification.

Any other useful pearls you think people should know!

The course was a great opportunity to meet other Therapists and Optometrists, where friendships can be developed, and you can learn from each other after the course is completed! Also, it’s never too late to change professions.